The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

PROVENDER: Sarah Rushford and Georgina Lewis

left: Georgina Lewis, Image Transfers, 2018, charcoal, elastic bands, paper. right: Sarah Rushford, Provender 1 (detail) 2018, graphite, paper

December 1–23, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday December 1, 2018 6–9pm


Please contact or 617 794 8817 to notify us you are planning to visit during open hours, or to make an appointment to visit at another time, or for more info.



Grapefruits art space is pleased to announce Provender, featuring new work from Boston artist Georgina Lewis and Portland artist Sarah Rushford. Provender is an exhibition of experimental drawings and process-related prints and photographs that represent Lewis's and Rushford's current work.  They both use experimental drawing as a means of coping with anxiety, fear, and paralysis that they feel emotionally, in their careers, in their art processes, and especially in their civic lives, due to the endangered state of their own and many others' rights and freedoms.


In many ways Sarah and Georgina feel that the works are manifestations of the act of “getting out of your own way”; finding any way, no matter how crude or rudimentary,  around the literal and metaphoric encumbrances that prevent them from making art or having an individual voice.


Some of the works fulfill assignments that Sarah and Georgina have given themselves. For example Sarah told herself, “In each of these five drawings, you must use one entire pencil.” Sarah feels the crudeness and physicality of the work communicate anger, fear, and a desperate sense of having given oneself the ultimatum; Draw, or a part of you dies. She also finds that the works convey her deliberateness,  and that a sense of control underlies the more wild tone of the work.   


Several of Georgina’s works in the exhibition are recordings of the motions her hand makes while moving a computer mouse. They were made in the course of performing her normal work activities (as a librarian)  by attaching a pen to her mouse and drawing on paper. She says, “They’re (the drawings) a way of forcing myself to work through and with a situation where I feel I lack control. Computers give a sense of control and safety, but drawing is about risk (and failure) and agency.”


Working while not looking at the drawing, working blind, was coincidentally a method that both artists found themselves engaged with while making some of these works. Working blind seemed to be a way to get around their more dominant seeing-selves, to get at perceptional identities (like feeling) that are more essential;  a way to make more honest marks.


Both artists careers have dealt heavily with the making of multimedia art, and using the computer as an artmaking tool. For both, this work is an annexing of thier multimedia work; exploring similar terrain but using more direct and tactile media.    


The title, Provender, is an archaic word that means livestock feed and is named after a series of Sarah’s drawings that are abstract but refer to animal feed. They titled the show Provender because Sarah and Georgina feel that the work is like emergency food, one they might only eat to stay alive, and of themselves like animals because of the the unrefinedness of the marks.


Inexpensive items like artists books and small original drawings will be for sale as well as all of the works in the exhibition.


Georgina Lewis ( is an artist, writer, and curator. She received her MFA in Sound from Bard College and holds undergraduate degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts and Franklin and Marshall College. She has been a resident at the Millay Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and VCCA France, as well as a fellow at Harvard University’s metaLAB. She is one of the studio artists at the Boston Center for the Arts and a former member of the Boston based new technologies group Collision Collective. Her work has been presented at numerous venues including the Visual Studies Workshop, National University of Ireland, REDCAT in Los Angeles, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, the Mills Gallery, and Boston University’s 808 gallery. Find Georgina on Instagram at georgina.lewis 


Sarah Rushford (  is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and curator who lives with her husband, three year old daughter, dog (Essie) and cat (Olafur) in Portland Oregon. Her poems and text-art have appeared in the literary journals Houseguest, Tuesday: An Art Project, and Accordion. Sarah has completed art and writing residencies at Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin and Art Farm, Nebraska and exhibits work internationally with recent shows at Satellite Contemporary in Las Vegas, Nevada, and 13 Forest Gallery in Arlington Massachusetts.  Sarah has an upcoming show in late 2018 at Grapefruits in Portland OR.  Sarah was recently a Co-Director of the curatorial collaborative Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn with which she curated and edited Second Daytime: An Online Show of Performance art on video.  Follow her life and work on Instagram @sarahannrushford.