The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
POST ANALOG - Sarah Goodman and Paloma Kopp - curated by Sarah Turner - Sept/Oct 2018

Opening: September 20, 6-9pm
Performance on opening night @ 8pm by:: drc // erc
Exhibition runs: September 20-October 21
Curated by Sarah Turner


Post Analog::
Within the last 20 years, we've seen the transition from analog to digital video tools in the creation and distribution of moving images. Between maker and consumer, there’s always been a collaboration between user and tools, but now we rely less on physical labor and more on access to digital software and platforms. 

Although there is a long history of analog video creation, within recent years, there’s been an increased resurgence of analog tools to create and distribute newly created video content. A renewed fascination with physical labor. We take a larger role in the collaboration with the machine from the start. We fetishize the passage of time; the destruction of magnetic medium. We aestheticize the failure and decomposition of a tool that always had planned obsolescence. Nostalgia for a past that had an optimistic future. 

Now, we master the imperfection and glorify it. Intentionality of destruction; yet generative in its genesis. Paloma Kop and Sara Goodman produce video works of generative materials that they then manipulate through physical analog video processing tools. These time based recordings are both performative and ephemeral. A ghost on the screen, tracking, glitching, transforming. Both Sara and Paloma transcend this art form by creating prints of their works. Using a screenshot to hold onto the chaos. Printing out a screenshot, instead of sharing it online. The progression of glitch from electronics to paper, manifests our ubiquitous perception of technology ruling our world. The tools we use, either analog or digital, manifest metaphysical changes to the way we perceive the world.


About Paloma Kop:
Paloma Kop is an electronic media artist. Her work often takes the form of abstract ambient audio-visual compositions and installations. She combines old-school video broadcast equipment and experimental hardware techniques with digital processes and computer programming, with the goal of producing evolving, self-propagating forms, textures, and environments. She aims to evoke the complexity and mathematical properties of organisms and natural phenomena, and explore distortions of perception and experience.

About Sara Goodman: 
Sara Goodman is a new media artist, poet, curator, VJ, and teacher working with new and old tech, forming lifelong friendships and collaborations based off of art-as- way-of-life life practice. Her work is often inspired by pastoral landscapes, abstraction, meaning through repetition, science fiction, obscure subcultures, and broken technologies. Sara received her MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago and teaches creative writing and new media classes in the Chicagoland area.