The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts


Grapefruits is pleased to present RAINBOW IN THE CLOUDS, an exhibition of new work from Momo Meow and Andrew Auble, running January 12th through February 3rd, 2018.  


RAINBOW IN THE CLOUDS will feature new work from Momo Meow and Andrew Auble, and is the first show in a series of ten that will be presented at Grapefruits in 2018.  Andrew Auble reshapes discarded materials into stylized figures and surreal landscapes in his vibrant collages.  Momo Meow’s dream-like videos and clear paintings use traditional animation techniques to represent stories of self-discovery and emotional resilience.  RAINBOW IN THE CLOUDS is a bright light in a gray alley - a dose of color and warmth to take the edge off the winter gloom and begin the New Year smiling.   


Discourage not yourselves, although you see;
The weather black, and storms prolonged be.
What though it fiercely rains, and thunders loud;
Behold, there is a rainbow in the cloud,
Wherein, a truthful promise may be found,
That, quite, your little-worlds, shall not be drowned.
The sunshine, through the foggy mists appear,
The lowering sky, begins again to clear;
And though the tempest, yet, your eyes affright;
Faire weather may befall you, long ere night.

-Phoebus Post Nubila, George Wither, 1635


Andrew Auble is a Portland-based collage artist and curator who works with found materials and used picture frames.  Materials include: gum wrappers, mentos wrappers, wrapping paper, magazines, foil from cigarette packs, and security envelopes.   


Momo Meow is a painter and animator currently hiding out in Astoria, OR. Momo's work explores personal self growth through the veil of fantasy fashion and architecture.  Her clear paintings are inspired in part by traditional animation cels painted by hand on acetate.