The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

TRIAD III ------------------------------------- 

curated by Andrew Auble and Sam Klickner

--------------------------------- 4/13/18-5/6/18

TRIAD EXHIBITION is a yearly group art show organized by Portland residents Andrew Auble and Sam Klickner.  Each participating artist presents three pieces respectively pertaining to the themes: One, Two and Three.  The artworks contained by TRIAD EXHIBITION 3 will be spread out among three venues with three separate opening receptions.


Opening Reception 1 - 4/06 @ True Measure Gallery (, 6pm with performance by Pelican Ossman

Opening Reception 2 - 4/13 @ Grapefruits (, 6pm with performance by Liquid Letters (Olympia)

Opening Reception 3 - 4/20 @ OV Project Space (, 6pm


True Measure Gallery: 3022 E Burnside St

Grapefruits: 2119 N Kerby Ave ste d

OV Project Space: 7604 SE Washington St



Alex Oslance

Dustin Houston

Severin Moore

Elizabeth Lovell

Hanako O'Leary

Cameron Hawkey

Winnie Black

Martha Daghlian

Henry St John Newell

Andrew Auble

Anthony White

China Faith Star

Sam Klickner

Matthew Henderson

Erin Guy

Srijon Chowdhury

Arrington de Dionyso

Colin Manning

Misha Capecchi

Courtney Knight

Isis Fisher


TRIAD 3 runs through the month of April, check gallery websites for open hours